Ksa Visa Services

Ksa Visa Services

Ksa Visa Services

Career Design has been in business with the Saudi embassy since 2008, and we enjoy a good business relationship with the Saudi Embassy staff in general.

The company is committed through its dedicated staff to provide Saudi Visas Stamped at agreed dates.

Do I need a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia?
A citizen from Lebanon who seeks to enter Saudi Arabia generally must first obtain a visa from the Saudi Embassy in Lebanon unless holding a Schengen visa used before and valid or having a foreign passport, in that case the citizen can get the visa at the airport upon arrival.

Which type of visa do you need?
Career Design is a Saudi Embassy authorized agent in Lebanon therefore handling the below type of visa in a quick time and easy way is solved by our office.

Family visit visa – learn more

Residence family visa – learn more

Work permit visa (with university degree) – learn more

Work permit visa (with experience certificate) - learn more

Work permit visa (Medical field) - learn more

Business visit visa - learn more

Extension visa - learn more

Personal visit visa - learn more

Government visit visa - learn more

After the embassy processed the visa, your passport will be returned to our office. You will be notified by SMS or email as soon as the passport arrive.